What problems caused by improper cleaning of aluminum strip

Aluminum strip cleaning is best to use neutral liquid, which does not corrode the surface of the aluminum strip, and will be dried after cleaning to avoid oxidation of the aluminum strip. If the user uses the wrong cleaning method, it will cause damage to the aluminum strip.

8011 aluminium strip
8011 aluminium strip

1, causes friction damage on the surface of the aluminum strip. If you use a relatively rough wiping tool when cleaning the aluminum strips supply, it is very easy to cause friction damage on the surface of the aluminum strip during the repeated wiping process. The texture of the aluminum is not soft and it is easy to scratch. Aluminum scratch is a significant quality problem. If the surface is scratched, it will directly affect the surface quality of the aluminum strip.

2. cause corrosion to the aluminum plate. If you are cleaning the aluminum strip, it is not a neutral detergent but a strong acid or a strong alkaline detergent. It is very easy to cause corrosion damage to the non-aluminum sheet, resulting in changes in the characteristics and appearance of the aluminum sheet, and if the drying process cannot be carried out after cleaning in the future, the aluminum strip will change color.


3, shorten the life of the aluminum strip. Since the wrong cleaning will cause damage to the aluminum strip stock, the service life of the aluminum strip will be shortened to a certain extent, and the aluminum plate cannot be used for a long time. All of these are the hazards that the wrong cleaning will bring to the aluminum strip. Therefore, when using the aluminum strip, you must ensure that the cleaning work is absolutely correct, and avoid the adverse effects caused by the wrong cleaning.

If there is oil on the surface of the aluminum strip, please find out the cause and do not rush to clean it. It will not only increase the production cost, but also cause quality problems if improper cleaning.

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