What should we pay attention to in caring aluminum tread plate

Aluminum tread plate as a new type of plate has been widely welcomed by the market. Aluminum tread plate not only in some factories, warehouses has a lot of applications, but also favored by many people in the home decoration. Aluminum tread plate has bright color, light structure, bright surface, which in the home improvement process is very bright. Then what should we consider about when caring the aluminum tread plate?

6061 aluminum tread plate
6061 aluminum tread plate

1, in the process of cleaning the aluminum tread plate, we should pay attention from the top to bottom, from the outside to the order of the aluminum plate to clean up the order of cleaning must be in accordance with the provisions of the order, or may cause a certain pattern of aluminum hurt.
2, because the chemical properties of aluminum products is not stable, so we should pay attention to the process of cleaning the use of neutral cleaning agent, to avoid the use of acidic or alkaline strong cleaning agent, so as not to cause damage to the aluminum.
3, in the process of cleaning the aluminum tread plate, we should pay attention to the choice of cleaning materials, not the use of excessive strength of the tools, such as steel ball and other items.
4, after cleaning the aluminum tread plate, we’d better ventilate the room. Because if the aluminum products for a long time in a wet state, aluminum surface will be possible to give birth to an aluminum oxide film. Aluminum oxide film is a non-smooth product, leading to aluminum surface is not smooth, aluminum color is not bright, affecting the beauty of the aluminum tread plate.

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