What Should We Pay Attention to When Uusing Aluminium Pot Bottom?

The aluminum pan bottom is one of the many applications of aluminum wafers and one of the most widely used. What do we need to pay attention to in our use? Let’s talk together.

aluminum circle Cookware

When we use it for the first time, it is best not to use it directly to boil water or steamed buns. It can be used to cook porridge first. In addition, if we cook and scorch, we can put some cold water on the bottom of the hot pot, which will help us to brush off the coke food slag. When there is more oil on the aluminum pot,it is best to wipe it with a newspaper first, and then use alkaline water and water to scrub. This is because the newspaper has a strong oil absorption capability. Then if the aluminum pan aluminum cage is smoked black, we can heat up the hot water in the aluminum pot. You can also use the mud outside the egg and a small amount of soap powder to wipe, the effect is very good. Also need to pay attention to aluminum pot do not put food overnight, preferably on the same day, wash on the day. At the same time, sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, wine, vegetables, flour and other sour, alkaline food are not stored in aluminum pot for too long to prevent aluminum pot corrosion. After boiling in the aluminum pan, remember not to suddenly cool down. If you are in urgent need of cooling, you must remember to open the lid first to prevent deformation of the aluminum pan.

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