What type of aluminum coil used for bottle cap

Silicon and iron are the main alloying elements of 8011 aluminum coil, and 8011 aluminum alloy is commonly used to do aluminum foil and thinner aluminum coil. 8011 aluminum foil and coil has a better ductility and plasticity than pure aluminum foil, so it has a more wide range of application in aluminum foil and deep-drawn products, but it is not commonly used in aluminum plate.

What type of aluminum coil used for bottle cap
What type of aluminum coil used for bottle capy

8011 aluminum coil is commonly divided into ho-rolled aluminum coil and cast-rolled aluminum coil. The hot-rolled aluminum coil has complex production process, and the production costs is relatively high, the plasticity is stable, the surface printing effect is better than other materials, and the performance in terms of extensibility is also superior to other materials, so 8011 aluminum coil is widely used for some products that require high extension performance, such as anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft bottle cap. Cast-rolled aluminum coil has a relatively simple production process, with a high yield, so most of cast-rolled aluminum coil is used for some products that require a relatively low extension performance and shallow stamping depth. Such as medicine caps, cans lid, tray, etc.
haomei 8011 aluminum coil for bottle cap has good deep drawing performance and a very low earing rate. haomei engaged in aluminum processing for 20 years, with rich experience and advanced equipments, our products are widely praised.

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