Which factors influence aluminum tread plate quality in coloring

What are the factors that affect the quality of the aluminum tread plate during dyeing?

three bars aluminium tread plate
three bars aluminium tread plate

The oxide film has a great influence on the quality of the aluminum plate. Oxidation film refers to the aluminum plate in the production process of the thickness, porosity, transparency and so on. The thickness of the film in the aluminum plate is kept above 10um, porosity and transparency, so that it can get better dyeing quality.
The temperature of the dyeing
Aluminum in the dyeing process is divided into cold dyeing and hot dyeing. The use of cold dyeing, the consumption of the moment compared to the long process of dyeing in the process of uniformity of color uniformity to grasp. Thermal dyed use time contrast is short, but in the process of dyeing on the color control contrast difficult. The temperature of the hot dope is generally 10-60 ° C. If the process of dyeing, the temperature is too high, will reduce the adsorption of dyeing, and simply lead to the appearance of aluminum flowers.
The influence of the material of aluminum tread plate
During the production process, high purity aluminum, aluminum magnesium, aluminum alloy dyeing quality is best after the anodic oxidation, and it can be dyed a variety of colors. On the rich silicon or copper on the proportion of the plate, in the dyeing process can only be dyed dark and black, compared to monotonous color, haomei Aluminum is a high quality pattern aluminum manufacturers, in the dyeing is always controlled very it is good.
Concentration of staining solution
There is a certain relationship between the concentration of aluminum and dyeing, if the aluminum plate dyed light, during which the concentration can be reduced, dyed dark concentration can be higher, of course, this also has a certain relationship with the dyeing technology.The color of the aluminum material is 0.1-0.39g / L, the color is 1g / L, the dyeing color is 3-5g / L, the dyed color is 10-15g / L , If the requested color density contrast will cause uneven color may appear to float the scene, in the cleaning process with the closure of simple summary of the flow of color.
In order to enhance the adsorption of its dyeing function, so you can use low concentrations of color for extension dyeing, so you can make the dye can be evenly penetrated into the oxide film, so that the dyeing can be more harmonious and strong.
Effect of density on aluminum tread plate
Aluminum tread plate is also difficult to weld than stainless steel, because aluminum is a vivid metal, the best still want other ways to do other materials to do, communication pulse argon arc welding machine. Welding aluminum can only be large power. Gas welding and welding arc welding different methods have different quotes, have to be subdivided.

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