Which is the Best Aluminum Circle for Lamp?

Recently because of occupational relations xiaobian in the study of aluminum lamps, there are not many know about this before, after the thorough understanding only to find that the original aluminum circle for lamp is used so widely in our life.
Alloy 1070 aluminum circle -It is a lower cost alloy than 3003 aluminum circle but can maintain semi-specular finish with a 65% minium total reflectivity after bright dip and anodize.
Alloy 1100 aluminum circle – It is suitable for bare finish or diffuse anodize finish application

 aluminum-circle Lighting
Where there is demand there will be a market, it is a truth eternal.For many manufacturer of lamps and lanterns and its accessories, choose a size, powerful technical strength first-class aluminum wafer manufacturer of lamps and lanterns is very be necessary.Only under the condition of the raw materials have to ensure better for the development and application of all sorts of lamps and lanterns, constantly go to exploit market.

Comprehensive factors to consider, here small make up recommend haomei aluminium , its perfect production process can meet the demand of various specifications of products, produced by aluminum circle are superior in quality and has perfect after-sales service system,let customers rest assured to buy.
Haomei is a major supplier to the aluminum circle for lighting industry
Some of the current applications for our products are:

Recessed Lighting
High Bay Industrial Lighting
Low Bay Industrial Lighting
Street Lighting
Traffic Light Reflectors
Sports Lighting

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