Why is a checker plate aluminium sheet used for a tool box?

checker plate aluminium sheet is among main products of Haomei. Our diamond plate used to take a large share of North American market. In spite of high import taxes, some clients still keep contact with us. Speaking of aluminium chequer sheet application, most people think of anti-skid floors in buildings, elevators, stairs and vehicles. It’s less well-known that tool box industry is also a large consumer. A tool box refers to a container for various tools in production, maintenance, fishing etc. Aluminum tool boxes are usually made of checker plate aluminium sheet alloys containing silicon or magnesium. They win wide popularity in packing because of reasonable design, delicate processing, strong loading ability and neat outlook. The boxes first caught fashion abroad and was later introduced into China with higher demands of product integrity in packing and delivery.

Aluminum Tread Plate
Aluminum Tread Plate

checker plate aluminium sheet alloys serve as main bodies of containing boxes for beauty salon tools, tool combination, jewelry watches, stages, instruments, electronic products, communications products, automation tools, sensors, smart cards, industrial controlling tools and precise machines etc. Serving as an ideal box body material for upscale instruments, aluminium chequer plate has clear patterns, good properties and competitive price. The most frequently applied patterns include five bars, diamonds, pebbles and stucco. The plate is strong and solid with excellent heat conductivity much higher than steel. As a leading manufacturer in China, Haomei is able to supply good quality aluminium chequer sheet of competitive price.

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