Why Is aluminium roofing sheet preferable in building construction with respect to cooling load?

The cooling load is the amount of heat energy that would need to be removed from a space (cooling) to maintain the temperature in an acceptable range.

aluminium roofing sheet/Aluminium corrugated sheets

There are 3 types of heat transmission:

In general, good conductors of electricity such as metals like copper, aluminum, gold, and silver, are good heat conductors.


Whereas insulators of electricity such as wood, plastic, and rubber, are poor heat conductors.

Thermal Conductivity,k – W/(m K)

Asbestos sheet: 0.166 k
aluminium roofing sheet : 205 k
Materials with a high thermal conductivity will conduct heat well both ways; into or out of the material.

In cooling properties, aluminium roofing sheet is the better choice than asbestos.

In terms of safety, aluminium roofing sheet is not non-toxic and does not release any odors or taint products with which it is in contact.



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