Why is an aluminium checker plate used for wall decoration?

Aluminium checker plate is also referred to as aluminum tread plate or aluminum checkered plate. It serves as an excellent material for wall decoration. No matter what name it is called, it stands for aluminium plate (thick) or aluminium sheet (thin) with various patterns. The most frequently applied patterns are five bars, one bar, triple grain and diamond, among which one-bar pattern can be arranged into different pattern groups. For example, the bars may be parallel with each other on the surface of a whole sheet, or one bar of a pattern group may from a right angle with the other. Different pattern groups create varied decorative effects.

6061 aluminum tread plate
6061 aluminum tread plate

aluminum checker plate is widely used in decorative, shipbuilding and architectural applications. Having good forming, drilling and welding ability, aluminum checker plate is easy to fabricate and its raised diamond lug pattern provides good slip resistance.

aluminum checker plate, have good anti-skid function, good looks, good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. In general, the use of the side of the mechanical properties of the plate, the mechanical performance is not high, so the quality of pattern plate mainly for flower pattern flower rate, pattern height, pattern height difference. Commonly used in the market thickness ranging from 2.0-8mm, the width of the common 1250,1500mm and more.
aluminum checker plate structure novel, non-slip effect. Light weight, excellent durability. The quality of about 7kg per square meter, the tensile strength of 200N per square millimeter, aluminum extension of high relative elongation higher than 10%, can withstand high bending without breaking, good tough

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