Why is mirror finish aluminum sheet metal used as cell phone shell?


Because the mirror finish aluminum sheet metal has the light quality, the heat dissipation quick, the beautiful characteristic, has been widely used in many fields. The most commonly used mobile phone in life, almost everyone can’t live without electronic equipment, whose shell is made of brushed aluminum plate, and mirror finish aluminum plate is the most ideal shell material for mobile phone. So why is mirror finish aluminum sheet metal the most ideal phone case material?

Aluminum sheet mirror

1. The classic fashion of brushed aluminum oxide plate with rich color: brushed aluminum plate has rich color and soft metal texture, so more and more product metal shell USES wire-drawing technology to achieve beautiful and practical effect.

2, fine wire drawing textures, different aesthetic feeling, Angle of 90 ° or 180 ° Angle of continuity burst and folded surface film layer from, wiredrawing grain is exquisite fashion, in the application on the following make metallic matte radiant with fine hair luster.

3. Easy to clean and convenient to clean the stains: resistant to washing, more powerful than traditional anodic oxidation and scrubbing, especially alkaline washing liquid. The patent technology of anodic photooxidation solves the problem of stamping and blowout of traditional anodic oxidation. In the application of mobile phone case can resist fingerprint, strong metal sense.

4. Leading in the anti-aging industry: compared with the external traditional anode oxidation products, the anti-aging time is 6-8 times that of the traditional anode oxidation; The drawing texture is obvious and the handle is strong. The application in the mobile phone case will bring users a different sense of security.

The above are the four reasons why aluminum wire drawing is the most ideal mobile phone shell material. The application of mirror finish aluminum sheet is very extensive, which can be applied in various industries such as signage, mobile electronic equipment, household appliances, construction and decoration.


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