Why is pebble embossed aluminum sheet used for packing?

Metal packing account for 10% of China packing industry, among which pebble embossed aluminum sheet serve as an important raw material. It’s usually used for packing of solid food, can food, beverage, grease, chemicals, medicines, stationery, makeup etc. It has good mechanical property, excellent insulation property and convenient automatic production. Boasting extraordinary properties, it can be made into various shapes with delicate designs.

pebble embossed aluminum sheet
pebble embossed aluminum sheet

Pebble embossed aluminum sheet has better mechanical properties in comparison with non-metal containing materials. It does not crack or break like crumbly glass or paper, and it’s much stronger than plastics. The sheet has better insulation effect as well. Aluminum containers keep the exterior air, moisture, light outside while original fragrance of a product inside. Therefore, they can protect packed products effectively. The manufacturing of embossed aluminium sheet and metal containers has such a long history that the industry has an integrated mature equipment that can supply kinds of packing products efficiently. Well-known for good printable property, aluminum sheets can be painted with attractive logos and designs that function as a promotion method. In addition, proper strength and good workability of pebble embossed aluminum sheet enable people to process it into containers of different shapes. This not only meets various packing requirement but also makes a product uniquer simply by novel designs in packing.

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