Why there are not cracks in haomei Aluminum aluminum coil?

We could see the ubiquitous aluminum coil in daily life. Different grades of aluminum coil has different performance and advantages, and it also decides the applications. As the steady increase in aluminum coil usage and constantly improve in production technology, but people are fail to prevent the cracks happen during production process.

aluminum coil Package
Different degrees of cracks will appear in aluminum coil surface when squeezed and stretched by stress effect , this cracks will affect the appearance and effect of aluminum coil usage.
So why does this trouble happen? Here are the reasons.
1. The surface layer of aluminum coil will suffer surface tensile strength by friction, and when additional tensile stress greater than surface tensile strength, the cracks will happen.
2. Exorbitantly extruded temperature will reduce tensile strength of the surface, so cracks will appear because of friction.
3. Fast extrusion speed can increase the surface tensile strength that makes cracks. In order to avoid aluminum coil cracks happen, we must strict control the extrusion process.
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