Wrought Aluminium Alloys vs Cast Aluminum Alloys

It is simply to divide aluminum and aluminum alloys into two categories: wrought aluminium alloys and cast aluminum alloys. Wrought aluminium alloys contain lower percentage of elements, about less than 4%. Cast aluminum alloys contain the same chemical composition but has greater amounts. In the same temperature range( 520 to 590℃), the cast aluminum alloys undergo a thoroughly chemical properties while wrought aluminum alloys still remain the mechanical properties and remain ductile.

Aluminum plate advantages:
Aluminum plate advantages:

According to the rolling processing technique, cast aluminum alloys are generally divided into cold casting and hot casting aluminum alloy. The key difference is the recrystallization temperature.

Aluminium Alloy Grades
Aluminum alloy grates are the most basic types of aluminium sheets. According to international alloy designation system, there are mainly 8 aluminum alloy series .

1000, 4000 and 5000 aluminium alloy series are non-heat-treatable while 2000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 aluminium alloy series are heat-treatable. 8 series aluminum alloy sheet has different advantages: series 1000 alu sheet is pure industrial aluminum alloy and is lower in prices; series 3000 alu sheet is the most great type on corrosion resistance and also being called “corrosion resisting aluminum alloy”; series 2000 and 7000 alu sheet are aluminium alloy used in aircraft; 8011 alu sheet is the best aluminum foil material.

In haomei Aluminum, our main types of aluminium sheets are series 1000, 3000 and 8011. Mature means of processing and casting is the quality of haomei  Aluminum aluminum sheet plate. According to your practical application, our professional staff will make a more elaborate division for you.


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