3004 aluminum sheet for sale with factory price

3004 aluminum sheet  belongs to Al-Mn series alloy, is a kind of rust-proof aluminum sheet with a  wide range of application. 3004 aluminum sheet has a low intensity(higher than pure aluminum), can not be strength by heat treatment, but its mechanical properties able to improved by cold processing technique. 3004 aluminum sheet has a good corrosion resistance, a good weldability but a poor cutting property, it has a high plasticity in annealed condition, and has a low plasticity in cold-work hardening. 3004 aluminum sheet t is usually used in the low-load spare parts that work in liquid or gaseous media, and has the requirements of a high plasticity, good weldability, such as the mailbox, petrol or lube ducts, various liquid containers and other small load parts.

3004 aluminum sheet  also has a good formability and a good corrosion resistance, it can used in the spare parts than requires a good formability and a high corrosion resistance, such as the kitchenware, the processing and storage devices of food and chemical products, tanks and cans for transporting liquid products, cooling plate, cosmetic board, photocopier roller. 

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