5083 aluminum cross-border transport of liquefied petroleum gas

Aluminum alloy material is the best material for the production of liquefied natural gas storage tank, not only it has ultra low temperature structural material, but also because of its easy processing forming, and has good weldability, recovery rate of up to 95%.
Liquefied natural gas is a kind of clean energy. Its storage and transportation pipeline is best made of aluminum alloy, because aluminum alloy material is the best low temperature and ultra low temperature material. With the decrease of temperature and the mechanical properties of Aluminum Alloy materials will rise, there is no low temperature brittleness of steel material, however, is not the case, there are only a few steel without low temperature brittleness, tens of thousands of kinds of steel has low temperature brittleness. As is known to all, the density of steel is larger than that of aluminum, and the density of aluminum is only 35% of that of steel, so in the case of the same structural strength, the quality of aluminum alloy structural parts is less than 1/3. Aluminum is the best material for the transportation of low temperature equipment. At present, there are 5083 aluminum  alloys of the 5000 series generally used in the manufacture of liquefied natural gas.
China is one of the countries with the most liquefied natural gas in the world, and the market potential of 5083 aluminum alloy is the best material for producing liquefied natural gas tank. According to the Sales Department of the Haomei aluminum statistics, only a month’s time, Haomei aluminum 5083 aluminum alloy sales reached more than 1000 tons. At present, Haomei  aluminum material 5083 tanker in Henan province by the rolling rate of the most wide “1+1” hot rolling production line, production specifications for the thickness of 0.009~600 mm, 10~3100 mm, 600~12000 mm in length and width of the aluminum plate products. The production efficiency of Haomei aluminum industry can not only meet the needs of the tank manufacturers, but also provide the best products and services for the manufacturing enterprises such as ship, car and rail transit.

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