aluminium diamond plate manufacturing process

aluminium diamond plate is made by use of of an embossing manufacturing process which produced raised or sunken designs on sheet metal. aluminium diamond plate is manufactured through embossing in two ways:

• By passing sheet metal through male and female roller dies in a single step

• By passing sheet metal through rollers with different portions of the desired pattern in several steps

Either process first uses a combination of heat and pressure to mold the stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium sheet to the desired thickness. This is done by forcing the metal sheer through a series of roller pairs. Roller pairs responsible for the gradual reduction in metal sheet sickness have one stationary upper roller and a revolving lower roller. Once the desired thickness is achieved the sheet metal is then passed through roller dies with the aluminium diamond pattern. For reasons of precision in the final intersecting diamond design the use of matched male and female dies is preferred over using multiple rollers.