Analysis of 5083 Aluminum Alloy production process and common problems

5083 Aluminum Alloy belong to 5 mg Al alloy, has high light, good plasticity, corrosion resistance and processing, excellent comprehensive properties. 5083 Aluminum Alloy is mainly used for processing die, ship, deck, fuel storage tanks and other products, with the development of science and technology research and promotion, its performance is more excellent, but also grow with market demand.

Aluminum Sheet in Automotive Field
Aluminum Sheet in Automotive Field

5083 Aluminum Alloy products of haomei aluminum is the core products in recent years vigorously promotion. In the process improvement casting , hot rolling , heat treatment process and drawing process was studied, through exploration experiments, solving the cracking defects of hot rolled 5083 Aluminum Alloy .The effects of sodium embrittlement, put forward the solution. The product of tensile stress stability, corrosion resistance, based on the international standards and increase again, the improvement of product technology, 5083 Aluminum Alloy has fully accumulated a solid foundation into the international market .

In the production of 5083 Aluminum Alloy, magnesium has certain effect of solid solution strengthening.It is the main elements of the production process for smelting – casting ingredients — cutting — milling surface heating –hot rolling–annealing – pre tension – cutting – acceptance of the finished product size .Hot rolling is one of the most common domestic market in 2000 .Before, the 5083 alloy production problems in the hot rolling yield only take rate of 30%, at that time, not only the production cost is very high, the quality of competitiveness is lower .Since then, with the accumulation of experience, the majority of enterprises adopt to improve the content and control of trace sodium homogenization process, the optimal selection method of rolling temperature and rolling process parameters, improve the hot crack problems. In the choice of temperature, through repeated testing, the plastic 450-480 degrees of the alloy was the best, the tensile strength is relatively low, , can achieve the best match of strength and ductility in this temperature range. So the temperature of 450-480 hot-rolled ingot embryo.

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