Coating Equipment for Aluminium Strip

The aluminum strip coating processing equipment is generally a continuous machine train consisting of equipment including unwinding, strip pretreatment, coating, curing, cooling and coiling.

Aluminum coils produced by compression rolling of aluminium ingots,according to the application requirements, the longitudinal shear machine components cut into the required width of aluminum tape. Aluminum strips are mainly used to process parts that require good formability, high corrosion resistance, or good solderability. It is an important raw material in industry. When aluminum strip is coated, the coating is dry and solidified by hot air cycle, and the strip is cooled by air or water.

Aluminum strip refers to aluminum sheet or strip made from aluminum as main raw material and mixed with other alloy elements. Aluminum strip has good formability, fatigue strength and medium static strength. Auxiliary layout of power supply, refrigeration, pure water, recycling, environmental protection and other facilities. The anodizing equipment uses aluminum as anode and high-frequency oxidation power source as direct current in electrolyte. A layer of dense porous artificial oxide film is formed on the surface of aluminum, and different electrolyte components are selected for treatment. Oxide films with different thickness and properties can be obtained. When using an oxidizing power supply, it is recommended to use a high-frequency oxidation power supply for water-cooling type. Because the output waveform is square wave, and the energy saving effect is obvious, the film speed is fast. It is recommended to use.

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