Common Ground of 8×4 Aluminium Sheet

No matter which kind of 8×4 aluminium sheet, they all have same width and length. The customers can select other different features. For example, 4×8 aluminum sheet weight, thickness, state, temper, packaging, and so on. But there are several common grounds of these 8×4 aluminium sheet.

8×4 aluminium sheet
8×4 aluminium sheet

Corrosion resistance. In many environment, such as water, brine, petroleum, or other chemical liquids, 8×4 aluminium sheet is all good at corrosion resistance.
Electrical conductivity. Aluminum is the good conductor of both heat and electricity. So 8×4 aluminium sheet is widely used in electronic appliance industry and automobile industry.
Non-ferromagnetic. Aluminum metal is non-ferromagnetic. Also, aluminum is non-hypergol. This character is an obvious advantage of 8×4 aluminium sheet in container of flammable and explosive material.
Machinability. As a kind material with excellent machinability. 8×4 aluminium sheet is much more convenient than other metal and other aluminum sheet sizes. And it also can save much time during post process.
Formability. Except machinability, formability is another important feature of 8×4 aluminium sheet. Specific tensile strength, yield strength, ducility, and relevant working hardening rate are closely related with 8×4 aluminium sheet formability.
Recyclable. Aluminum is a recyclable metal and its recoverability is great. The properties of secondary aluminum alloy are almost no difference from primary aluminum. Thus, from the point of environment protection, 8×4 aluminium sheet is a perfect material.


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