Do you know which parts of the car can use aluminum alloy

Relevant data shows that the proportion of aluminum alloy used in automobile manufacturing is rising steadily, do you know which parts of the car can use aluminum alloy ? Here is a detailed list of aluminum alloy for all parts of the car.

aluminum alloy wheels

First, the car hub. Now the car wheels are basically aluminum materials. Cars without aluminum wheels, either more than a decade ago, or very low-priced cars. Using aluminum alloy wheels has a very obvious effect on reducing fuel consumption, while most car hubs are made of 6061 aluminum sheet.

Secondly, the car’s four doors and two covers. Four doors are the four car door, two covers are the hood and trunk lid, which are easy to damage part in car body. The “four two cover” aluminum alloy are 5182 aluminum plate. Due to 5182 aluminum plate has excellent deformation, it can absorb shocking in the impact by external force to supply the maximum protection for the driver and passengers. Therefore, using 5182 aluminum plate for four door two cover has higher security.

Thirdly, automobile chassis. There are also many aluminum alloys in automobile chassis, such as 5083 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum sheet and so on.

Finally, the fuel tank, radiator, battery floor of new energy vehicle and so on are also made of aluminum alloy.

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