Does the chemical substances of fluorocarbon aluminum sheet hurts human body?


People pay great attention to whether the decorative materials is toxic. In face, many decorative material is not safe for people, those synthetic chemical elements exuding a variety of toxic substances, and a lot of wood, paint, colloids, etc. contains formaldehyde, it seriously harmed human body. In contrast, fluorocarbon aluminum sheet is safe to people because it is non-toxic. Fluorocarbon aluminum sheet contain some chemical substances, but it is non-toxic, it is the reason why fluorocarbon aluminum sheet is so popular among the people.

aluminum sheet
aluminum sheet


Fluorocarbon aluminum sheet use high quality aluminum sheet as substrate, shaped by CNC bending or other technologies, and sprayed decorative paint on surface, is able to processed into a variety of complex geometric shapes, such as the shape of plane, arc and spherical.
Fluorocarbon aluminum sheet has many advantages, like lightweight, and fluorocarbon aluminum sheet has a good rigidity, good weatherability and corrosion resistance, it is easy to clean, because its non-adhesive film is hard to attach contaminants. Fluorocarbon aluminum sheet has a wide range of application, it widely used in the exterior wall of buildings, such as airport, hotel, government building and so on.


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