Double Zero Aluminum Foil Sticky Phenomenon

Double zero aluminum foil sticky phenomenon contains the meaning of the two layers: the mechanical properties of  aluminum foil does not meet the requirements and the effect of aluminum foil surface degreasing caused by the use of aluminum foil in the process of stripping difficult. 

Aluminium Household Foil

By improving the finished product annealing process and controlling the rolling oil content and its physical and chemical properties in the rolling process, the tensioning parameters of the slitting and cutting are adjusted to eliminate the sticking defects of the  aluminum foil.  aluminum foilaccording to the production of soft and hard two kinds of double-double foil is used in softening annealing, softening annealing is not only to control the mechanical properties of aluminum foil, but also to eliminate the residual surface of aluminum foil, get flat and bright surface, and can Free to unfold.

 Different uses of aluminum foil, the required degree of degreasing, such as composite  aluminum foiland aluminum foil with capacitors on the surface shall not have residual lubricants. But in recent years, users of the double zero foil quality requirements are getting higher and higher. Aluminum foil sticky one of the main defects, soft state double zero foil sticky phenomenon mainly as follows: double zero foil feel “soft”, the user is not easy to maintain the formation of flat plate; double foil layer and layer Adhesion, serious formation of “knot”, in the unwinding process, stripping difficult, resulting in aluminum foil can not be used normally. Seriously affected the production and sales of  aluminum foil

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