haomei 3003 aluminum alloy plate for Power battery shell

With the rapid development of pure electric buses and passenger cars, power batteries as a major part of the power battery shell demand is also increasing; power battery shell material generally use 3003 aluminum alloy, what are the advantages?

haomei 3003 aluminum alloy plate for Power battery shell
haomei 3003 aluminum alloy plate for Power battery shell

Firstly, to reduce the weight of electric vehicle body

Power battery case 3003 aluminum alloy plate can reduce the weight of the body, so that the car can get better power and reduce fuel consumption, on the other hand aluminum alloy is a very good recycling of a material, which also makes maintenance easier, of course, More environmentally friendly.

Secondly, more durable

haomei Aluminum alloy and cast iron have their own different characteristics, cast iron is more solid, durable, higher power, and the use of aluminum alloy as a power battery shell is more lightweight, lower cost. But one thing is certain, the future development trend of the automobile industry, aluminum applications will be more and more widely, more and more, because the metal is very rich in aluminum, recycling is more simple, the characteristics of its alloy More and more rich, with the progress of technology, one day a certain kind of aluminum alloy completely replace the steel is not impossible.

haomei high quality 3003 aluminum alloy for Power battery shell

Thirdly, good corrosion resistance

The surface of aluminum is easy to produce a layer of dense and strong AL2O3 protective film, can protect the substrate from corrosion. Power battery shell by artificial anodizing and coloring, can be a good casting performance of cast aluminum alloy or processing plastic deformation of the aluminum alloy.

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