How to avoid aluminum profile scratches and grooves defects


The surface of extruded aluminum products has rough vertical or horizontal grooves and scratches. The scratches that are recessed from the surface are mostly caused by the adhesion of the mold or rough machining at the blank knife. Another is raised the scratch appeared on the corner of the products, is generated due to the extrusion die crack. Transverse cut or scratch is mainly due to the finished products from sliding on lateral to cooling bed on the hard thing to highlight when sawing machine will product scratches, also have a plenty of in the loading, handling. Scratches and scratches are common surface defects in aluminum extrusion process.

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The main elimination methods are:

1) the working belt of aluminum extrusion  mould should be smooth and smooth, and the blank knife of extrusion mould should be smooth.

2) careful inspection should be carried out when mounting the mold to prevent the mold with small cracks from being used.

3) regularly check the cold bed and the finished product storage and release table to prevent scratches of hard protrusions.

4) when loading materials, a softer partition should be placed than the product. Both transportation and hoisting should be smooth and careful.