How to maintain the anode oxide film of aluminum alloy profiles

After the chemical or electrochemical polishing, then the anodizing treatment, the aluminum products will obtain a smooth and bright layer of oxide film, with a high transparency, at this time, the aluminum alloy surface is easy to obtain various colors by dyeing. In the field of industry, the anodizing treatment or chemical oxidation methods are becoming more and more widely used, it makes aluminum alloy profiles  to obtain a layer of oxide film, and to achieve a purpose of protection and decoration.
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The damage of aluminum alloy anode oxide film will affect the use of the products, the dust deposition and humidity are the main reasons that cause the corrosion of aluminum alloys, in particular, the sulfides in the air are more likely to corrode the aluminum alloys. The surface of the oxide film must be cleaned regularly to extend its service life, in general, the period of clean is six months, it also can depend on the pollution degree of the environment.
The cleaning method can be determined by the damage degree and size of the oxide film, for small-size aluminum profile, it is usually wiped gently by hand, and for the large-size one, we must dissolve the deposits. After cleaning, washing by the mild water that containing a proper content of lubricant or neutral soap, or using the fiber brush to remove attached dust. Do not use sandpaper, wire brushes, or other friction tools, and do not use acid or alkali detergen, so as not to damage the anodic oxide film.


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