Stucco embossed aluminum sheet specification

Stucco embossed aluminum sheet has many pattern, orange peel pattern is the most common seen type. Orange peel stucco embossed aluminum sheet has classic orange peel pattern and variation orange peel pattern which also known as insect pattern. Orange peel stucco aluminum sheet is the ideal material for used in refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging.


The aluminum grade of stucco embossed aluminum sheet has pure aluminum like 1050, 1060 and 1100, 3000 series aluminum 3003, 5000 series aluminum 5052. The aluminum alloy has high strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance. Together with tread plate aluminum, they emerged in the aluminum industry and has become popular product with large volume of sales. Especially with the iron plates are eliminated, enterprise have turned to the aluminum plate with patterns, embossed aluminum coil, especially in the shipbuilding, machinery and other industries.

aluminium stucco sheet

embossed aluminium sheet stucco embossed aluminum sheet has many uses across a number of industries. It is used in education, manufacturing, medical and more. Stucco sheet is available in Alloy 1150A / H14.
embossed aluminium sheetis more durable than plain aluminium sheet of similar charactiristics. Stucco embossing also reduces the light-reflecting ability of the metal. This is due to the pebble-like surface, which is imprinted once the aluminium has been given the required finish. Finally, stucco embossed aluminum sheet always looks more presentable.

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