The aluminum foil paper used in the kitchen used to have such a great use!!!

The aluminium foil that is commonly used in the kitchen, its price is cheap, endure high temperature to wait for a characteristic, besides can wrap food material, still have a lot of life small clever use. The life is clever move the net small make up today to share, quick check to see!

aluminium foil
aluminium foil

Aluminum foil characteristics of aluminum foil material, material is qualitative light, good ductility, the price is cheap and is widely used in life, and the aluminum foil is regular kitchen supplies, aluminum foil has the bright surface and mist, fog will face endothermic, needs towards the heat source place, and bright surface can reflect heat, the glossy incoming packages to cooked food, can let the ingredients to cook.

Parcel circular food ingredients such as pineapple bread, small meal package if taken directly into the oven, easy to have skin coke, stuffing without heat, the glossy incoming packages available aluminum foil bake after ingredients, can let the ingredients evenly heat inside and outside.

aluminium foil
aluminium foil

Principle: the heat source of the oven is transferred to the aluminum foil and then to the food, so that the food and the aluminum foil are sealed and the interlayer produces steam and hot air, and the food is more evenly heated.

When the grinding plate is made of ginger and garlic on the grinding board, the residue is always stuck in the small hole of the grinding board, cleaning the trouble and cutting hands easily. The aluminum foil paper is smooth and smooth, and the aluminum foil paper is placed on the top of the grinding plate to press and grind the mud, the food is not stuck, and the aluminum foil can be reused.

Principle: aluminum foil is a good shape, placed on the grinding plate to press flat, the grinding plate raised part will make aluminum foil to produce sharp edges and corners, used for grinding mud is very convenient.

The cream can be wrapped in aluminum foil and then stored in the refrigerator. The fresh effect is better than the plastic wrap, because it is not heated, and it can be wrapped with cream in the face or in the mist.

The aluminium foil used in the kitchen originally had such a big use!!!

Principle: the aluminum foil paper is better than plastic film material barrier, can cut off most of the air, moisture and light, can extend the shelf life.

Remove stains as long as metal POTS and pans can be wiped with a ball of aluminum foil. For example, the grime of the grill, or the toaster oven that roasts the food, can be used to knead the used aluminum foil for cleaning.

Principle: kneading into spherical aluminum foil, surface can have many edges and corners to produce scraping action, can be used to remove the pot.

Sharp scissors if the scissors become blunt, don’t rush to throw away, to cut the aluminum foil paper can restore the sharpness of the scissors.

Principle: as the sharpening knife sharpens the cutting edge of the kitchen knife, the scissors will produce friction while cutting the foil, which will sharpen the scissors.

Clay preservation of the children’s paper clay, resin clay, can be wrapped in aluminum foil to save.

Principle: aluminum foil can prevent direct sunlight, block air, extend clay preservation period, with bright face or fog face inward package can be.

The silverware becomes bright in the water with baking soda, put in the aluminum foil with silverware, can restore the black silver to restore luster, bright face inward and outward package can be.

Principle: aluminum and baking soda in aluminum foil produce REDOX reactions that restore light to areas where the silver surface is blackened.

Step1: wrap the black silverware in aluminum foil. Do not pack too tight. Leave some gaps to allow the baking soda to flow in.

Step2: add a spoonful of baking soda powder in a bowl of water, stir and dissolve, place the aluminum foil with silverware in it, soak for 12 hours to pick up.

Dim sum molds, whether baked or Fried muffins, can be used to make small moulds of various shapes, both convenient and economical.

Principle: aluminum foil is good plastic, heat resistant, cheap, make simple cooking mold is best.

Step1: fold the aluminum foil mist into the inside of the paper twice and make it 1 cm wide with bright aluminum foil. Aluminum foil bright smooth surface, when cooking more difficult to stick to the material.

Step2: wrap the aluminum foil strip at the end of the other end of the plastic mold, and the inner ring of aluminum foil should be coated with cream to prevent sticky.

Step3: after the aluminum foil model is put into the pot, pour into the batter, about eight full, do not pour full, the batter will overflow. PStep4: let cool after frying, then tear the aluminum foil model and finish.

Preservation and preservation of cups, POTS with no cover, also can be covered with aluminum foil as the cover, with preservation and insulation.

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