The Anti-static Coating Aluminum Coil

The Anti-static Coating Aluminum Coil is processed with special treatment to keep the surface electric resistance in a specific range (standard requirement: 10^6Ω ~10^9Ω), so as to generate repulsive force to dusts with static electricity.
Anti-static aluminum coil serves as a building material used in certain applications, where dust proof, anti pollution and anti static environment required. Some of the classical applications of anti static coated aluminum coil are: materials for anti-static aluminum composite panel, dustless workshop decoration and electronics factory workshop cladding and precision instrument packing.
Dimensions of Anti-static Coating Aluminum Coil:
Alloy: 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, etc
Thickness range: 0.16mm-1.5mm
Width range: ≤1600mm

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