The superior weather resistance of coated aluminum coil

Coated aluminum coil (color aluminum sheet), refers to the aluminum coil or aluminum surface coating coloring treatment products. Common color coated aluminum coil are fluorocarbon coated aluminum roll (PVDF) and polyester coated aluminum coil (PE).
color coated aluminum coil
The polyester resin coated aluminum coil (PE) is used as the monomer in the main chain of the polymer containing ester bond. According to glossiness, it can be divided into malt light and high light. It makes the products have good gloss and smoothness, as well as a good texture and feel, so that the product is more layered and three-dimensional sense. At the same time, polyester coated aluminum coil can adapt to outdoor UV radiation, wind, rain and other attacks.
coated aluminum coil
Fluorocarbon coating color coated aluminum coil (PVDF) is made of chemical structure of fluorine in the acid material in the fluorine and hydrocarbon bond. The performance is more stable, the product has the unusual abrasion resistance, the impact resistance. Especially in extreme weather and harsh climate, long lasting resistance to fading, anti ultraviolet radiation. It can be said that fluorocarbon color aluminum has stronger weather ability and wider applicability than polyester color aluminum. According to the current level of technology, some manufacturers of high-quality fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil can even reach 30 years.
With the development of coated aluminum coil products, color aluminum coil is widely used in high-grade indoor and outdoor aluminum coating, such as haomei aluminum coated aluminum coil products sold at home and abroad, some public places, indoor and outdoor decoration and building decoration. The quality of aluminum coated aluminum coil is especially suitable for public places of indoor, outdoor decoration, commercial chain, exhibition advertising, such as decoration and display. The products gain good graces of many domestic and foreign customers of all ages.

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