What are the benefits of aluminium Windows?

Door window concerns daylighting, ventilated, seal, heat insulation, sound insulation wait for functional demand, also concern the requirement of the building adornment such as line, colour and lustre, represented master more aesthetic and pursuit. Window of aluminium alloy door is good with its adornment effect, performance is outstanding, and in numerous door window material pledges stand out, be used extensively in contemporary household.
Advantages of aluminum doors and Windows:

 aluminum alloy doors and Windows
aluminum alloy doors and Windows

1. Excellent decoration effect: aluminum alloy doors and Windows can be made into various colors and shapes, and the surface gloss, small frame glass proportion, and aluminum alloy doors and Windows can be made into large size distribution, which is very modern and beautiful, adding luster to the building;

2. Excellent performance: aluminum doors and Windows are made of broken hot profile and insulating glass, which has good energy saving effect and no frost or dew, and can meet the needs of any high-end and high house building.

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3. Good processing performance: aluminum profile can be processed into large size and complex cross-section shape with high dimensional accuracy.

4. Strong corrosion resistance: the oxide layer of aluminum alloy will not fade or fall off. No painting is required.

5. Durable and durable: after good surface treatment, aluminum profile has a good ability to resist atmospheric corrosion. It is not afraid of humidity and sunlight.

6. Light weight: the density of aluminum profile is 1/3 of that of steel, and its specific strength is high. For every square meter of window, the aluminum profile is about 5KG, the steel is about 10-20kg, and the weight of plastic window frame is more than 10KG.

7. Good for environmental protection: the waste aluminum is easy to be recycled, with high reuse rate. In the process of manufacturing, there is no environmental pollution.