What certification does 5083 Marine aluminum have

5083 aluminum plate is one of the most common alloy products of Marine aluminum field. Planking of other products such as 5052, 5383, 8784, 5454, such as alloy, were also the representative of 5 series Marine aluminum products, among them, 5083 Marine planking alloy aluminum plate is the most widely used. Planking aluminum alloy compared with general aluminium alloy products, it will be more strict inspection, when in the market for the purpose of ship, also want to be approved by the relevant national certification authority. So just what certification standard does5083 Marine aluminum plates have?

First of all, for the domestic market of planking, 5083 aluminum products should pass through by CCS China classification society certification. CCS, founded in 1956, has a new vessel inspection and international experience, for the domestic construction and inspection of shipping vessels provide a wide range of services Domestic aluminum plate to be ship raw material of aluminum plate, should be certified by CCS. Second, for international planking market, each country has different classification society certification.Bureau veritas certification such as BV, LR type classification, the RS Russian register of shipping, NK Japan classification society certification. 5083 represented by Marine aluminum sheet if you want to enter the international market, also must through the international quality approval. In addition, det norske veritas DNV approval certificate, the quality for planking international market, is said to be a general of foreign trade license. For det norske veritas certification means that the most authoritative international ship and strict quality approval, therefore can almost universal around the world. At present, the domestic several strength strong large manufacturers have passed the international recognition of 5083 Marine aluminum plate. High quality planking is the core elements of shipbuilding. Therefore when Marine aluminum plate of choose and buy should be from some of the large manufacturer to select the strong comprehensive strength, such as in 5083 Marine aluminum plate, can choose to have recognized by det norske veritas haomei aluminum, Chongqing southwest aluminum, etc.

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