What is the cause of air generation in extruding aluminum profiles

What is the cause of air generation in extruding aluminum profiles

Using aluminum extrusion machine for aluminum in the residual air pressure, lead to appear the appearance and internal aluminum bubble, happen not completely solve the defect of the makes aluminum became a waste. In order to prevent air from entering the aluminum profile, it is important to find out the reason why air is brought in. The main factors of residual air in extruded aluminum profiles include:

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The long stick thermal shears cause residual air

For long stick hot shear formation of the shear plane is definitely not perfect, the vertical industrial aluminum simple thermal shear will make long stick column bar bending is very serious, lead to aluminum appear oval cross section and shear a head of very large fillet. Even with the most recent long-bar thermal shears, the edges of the sheared rods are always at an Angle that creates an inverted circle, which is the best place for residual air.

Upsetting results in residual air

Only when the diameter of the cylinder containing the aluminum ingot is larger than that of the rod. A rod is enough to be put into a cylinder containing aluminum ingots. The pressure on the inside of the aluminium ingot tube causes the bar to expand to the diameter of the ingot tube. The gas is not released, it remains in the aluminum ingot and eventually becomes a bubble.

Residual air is caused by the contact of two aluminum rods

Because the surface of the two short rods is basically flat and the probability of carrying air in is very small. The quality of sawing interferes directly with the amount of air carried between two short rods. There is a new technology that prevents two short rods from joining each other. To eliminate the possibility of air entry.

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