Why use calcium silicate board instead of aluminum sheet

The thermal insulation decoration integrated board has used calcium silicate board to replace the aluminum sheet as the decoration panel, calcium silicate board is a new type of green environmental protection building materials, in addition to the traditional gypsum board functions, more superior fireproofing performance and moisture resistance, the advantages of long service life. To give you an idea of why aluminum sheet is being replaced, today we’re going to look at the contrast between calcium silicate and aluminum.

First of all, both of them are slightly more expensive in terms of price, because the flatness of aluminum plate itself is higher, which may be better in aesthetics. However, when aluminum plate is used as external insulation for exterior wall, as the anchor is fixed on aluminum plate, its cold and hot bridge is not easy to handle.

Second, the same act the role of the surface heat preservation to decorate a whole plate on the aluminum plate and calcium silicate board, the earlier the problem must be aluminum, because everything exists fatigue period, aluminum plate is dramatic change due to temperature will heat sensitive material is heated, the heat preservation to decorate a whole plate will follow violent ACTS the role of surface temperature change, and calcium silicate board is heat-sensitive heated due to temperature change will be less severe, the same act the role of surface is the same, the same act the role of the surface heat preservation to decorate a whole plate because of the temperature changes in different period of fatigue is different also, ACTS the role of the surface of aluminum plate for fatigue life period shorten, life will be shortened, and longer service life of calcium silicate board.

Moreover, the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum plate is much higher than that of calcium silicate plate. When the aluminum plate expands with heat in the current period, the stress cannot be released and will cause deformation.

To sum up, the heat preservation to decorate a whole plate use calcium silicate board is inevitable, calcium silicate board is made by silica powder, calcium oxide, fiber mortar filter into planks, and high temperature steam for oxygen reduction into calcium silicate rocks, than aluminum plate as a better heat preservation to decorate a whole plate of veneer, veneer is currently on the market do better material.


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