Aluminum Plate Elongation

Aluminum plate, it is to point to made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy materials through pressure processing (shear or sawing) cross section is rectangular, thickness of rectangular material, aluminum material.

Aluminum plate advantages:
Aluminum plate advantages:

Aluminum sheet is usually according to the following two points:

A, according to the alloy composition is divided into:

1, high purity aluminum plate rolling (by the content above 99.9 high purity aluminum)

2, pure aluminum plate (ingredients made from pure aluminium rolling)

3, alloy aluminum plate (composed of aluminum alloy and auxiliary, usually with aluminum and copper, aluminum and manganese, aluminum and silicon, aluminum and magnesium, and other series)

4, composite aluminum plate or brazing plate (through a variety of means of material compound special use aluminum material)

5, package aluminum aluminum (aluminum cladding outside aluminium sheet used for special purposes)

Second, according to the thickness is divided into: (mm)

1, the sheet (aluminum sheet) 0.15 to 2.0

2, regular plate (aluminum sheet) 2.0 to 6.0

3, medium plate, aluminum plate), 6.0 to 25.0

4, thick plate, aluminum plate) 25-200 five reinforcement pattern aluminum plate above 200

Aluminum plate elongation is introduced:

Elongation (delta) : material after tensile failure, the percentage of the total elongation and the original gauge length. Engineering is often called a delta of 5% or more material plastic material, such as room temperature static load of low carbon steel, aluminum, copper, etc.; And the delta 5% or less of materials known as brittle materials, such as room temperature under the static load of cast iron, glass, ceramics, etc.

Elongation of aluminum plate elongation related factors: aluminum and aluminum plate number, the thickness of the aluminum plate, aluminum plate contact state has obvious.

1, aluminum nameplate: conventional 1 XXX department, department of * * * 3, 5 XXX series high elongation, of course, is only relative to the 4 XXX and 7 XXX series of hard alloy series.

2, the thickness of the aluminium plate: the higher thickness, elongation relatively.

3, aluminum plate, aluminum plate state and elongation rate are the most direct contact, with 0 for full annealing state, elongation reached the highest, according to the state classification and so on, elongation decreases.

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