1050 aluminum sheet for beer barrel

Barrel is a kind of vessel, it is used for store or transport food. Aluminum profile has many excellent performance, is widely used in vessel, like Haomei 1050 aluminum sheet is a good choice for beer barrel. The beer barrel that made of aluminum profile has an elegant appearance, a reasonable overall structure, is very sturdy, durable, safe and sanitary.

1050 aluminum sheet for beer barrel
1050 aluminum sheet for beer barrel

The 1050 aluminum sheet has a good solderability, with a concise design and good looking, 1050 aluminum sheet is a cheap and cheerful material for beer barrel. 1050 aluminum sheet belongs to the series of pure aluminum, has an aluminum content of more than 99.5%, and 1050 aluminum sheet has a monadical manufacturing process because its single element content, so 1050 aluminum sheet is relatively cheaper than other series of aluminum products. 1050 aluminum sheet has an excellent formability, a high corrosion resistance and a good conductivity and thermal conductivity, moreover, the beer barrel that made of 1050 aluminum has a long service life, as well as a high returned value.

1050 pure aluminum plate belongs to a series of products, according to the international brand naming principles, content must reach 99.5% to the top for qualified products, because they do not contain other elements of technology, the production process is relatively simple, 1050 pure aluminum plate prices are relatively cheap, is most commonly used in the conventional industry a series of.

Performance advantage:

1, with excellent forming characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity;
2, long service life, low cost, and high recovery value;
3, 1050 pure aluminum plate processing technology is mature, the price relative to other high-grade aluminum alloy has a huge advantage;
4, with semi continuous casting production line 6, continuous casting and rolling production line of 10, other large-scale processing equipment of 44 units, the annual output of up to 450 thousand tons;


Haomei Aluminum produce the 1050 aluminum sheet, our processing technology is mature, and our price is more reasonable. Haomei owns 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, 44 large-scale processing equipment, with an annual output of 450,000 tons.
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