How can I choose a qualified aluminum plate circle?

aluminum plate circle also known as aluminum circle,aluminum disc, aluminium round discs or aluminum disk. it is widely used in conventional production, for example, aluminum pots, food containers, cap lamps, etc.

Aluminum Circle or aluminum circle Process Ingot/Master Alloys
How can I choose a qualified aluminum plate circle?

Look at the materials.

The thickness, strength and oxide film of the aluminum sheet used by the high-quality aluminum sheet shall conform to the relevant national standards, the wall thickness shall be above 1.2 mm, the tensile strength shall be up to 157 Newton per square meter, the yield strength shall be up to 108 Newton per square millimeter, and the oxide film thickness shall be up to 10 microns. If not up to the above standard, it is aluminum round sheet, not available.

Second, processing.

High quality aluminum circle , processing fine. Inferior aluminium circle sheet, blind choose aluminium sheet series and specification, process rough manufacture, replace milling process with saw cutting.

Look at the price.

In general, high quality aluminum circles are about 30% higher than inferior aluminum circles because of high production costs. At present, there are many small and medium enterprises which do not know the structure and performance of aluminum circles . In order to reduce the cost of jerry-cut materials, shoddy, the hidden dangers of products larger, generally should not be used. Had better choose the product of normal aluminous circular sheet manufacturer.

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