How should we choose when buying aluminum pans

aluminum pan is a common kitchen utensil in our life. Everyone knows that the aluminum pan is made from aluminum wafers. How should we choose when buying aluminum pans?
aluminum circle Cookware
When purchasing aluminum pan, first ordinary consumers can identify by the most simple way, that is visually, we need to pay attention to whether the pot body looks straight and round, and whether the front surface looks smooth and bright, as well as the bottom of the pot, the lid and the inside and outside bright. It doesn’t look like there’s something dark, black marks or cracks or something like that, and you need to check to see if the structure of the parts is complete,take a look at whether the rivets, ring heads, etc. are firm, whether there are pockmarks or sandholes. When we buy a product, we must check it carefully. There will be no quality problems when you go home.
When we have purchased, for the new aluminum pot , the first time to use the best first to cook or fill something which contain some oil, so that the oil class can fill the tiny concave holes on the pot wall, so that the anti – corrosion ability of the aluminum pot can be increased, of course, it’s okay to cook porridge first. However, it should be noted that do not use the new pot to boil water or steamed buns, which will easily lead to the bottom of the pot to become dark and is not good-looking.
At the same time, it should also be noted that during use, care should be taken not to use aluminum pots for prolonged fill sour and alkaline foods such as sauces, vinegar, salt, sugar, and wine. Otherwise, on the one hand, corrosion aluminum pot, shorten the service life of aluminum pot, on the other hand, after people eat aluminum, it is easy to have brain aging symptoms, so we can not use aluminum products to store acid and alkaline food.