The Advantages of Aluminum Foil Meal Boxes

1. Non-toxic raw materials, quality and safety.
2.It is convenient to heat and does not produce harmful substances after heating.
3.Easy to form, easy to seal, and ensure food hygiene.
4.It has strong barrier properties, protects the original taste of the food after sealing, and prolongs the shelf life of the food.
5.It can be efficiently recycled and reused to protect the environment and save resources.
Aluminum Cigarette Packing Foil 3

Aluminum Foil Meal Boxes (Aluminium foil containers) stay bright and reflective throughout processing and marketing. They can be embossed, colour lacquered or printed with brand identifying designs and colours both inside and out.

They are suitable for grilling, fan and convection cooking, barbecue griddle and microwave oven and are easy to open, use and dispose of. A range of purpose designed lidding materials is also available – from straightforward foil/board laminates to more sophisticated coated or laminated aluminium foil lids that can be sealed to the container rim yet peel off easily when required.

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