What are reflective aluminum mirror sheets?

Aluminum mirror sheet has many different types. According to low to high grades, it includes film mirror aluminum, domestic polished mirror aluminum, imported polished mirror aluminum, imported oxide mirror aluminum, and super-mirror aluminum. According to your product features and positioning to choose the right for your reflector, if you want to do high-end products, then use the imported mirror, low-end, then choose domestic. Domestically made mirror is characterized by no protection of the surface treatment, mirror aluminum will change over time, the price is cheap; imported products are characterized by a stable reflectance, 86% of the ordinary mirror and 95% of the super-mirror two grades, the price to a little more expensive.

The best mirrors are in Germany and Italy. Japan’s mirrors are oxide-free and are standard-sized sheets with high losses, but their unique textured effect is favored by manufacturers of electronic and signage casing.

Simple test method:
Imported mirror aluminum (oxide mirror aluminum), tear open the protective film, touch the mirror with your fingers, finger perspiration will stay in the mirror above, but wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel, fingerprints will be clean, will not leave anytrace.
Domestic mirror aluminum is different, leaving the fingerprints will rub more dirty, and finally unable to restore the mirror effect.
There is also another test method:

mirror polished aluminum sheet
mirror polished aluminum sheet

Make a small piece of aluminum bend quickly near ear, if you can hear a slight tear sound, that is imported alumina plate, the other is the ordinary domestic polishing plate. Because imported oxide mirror aluminum surface itself will have a layer of similar corundum oxide film, the aluminum itself and the oxide film structure is different, the bending time in the oxide film will burst a slight tear sound.
Aluminium Mirror Sheet Aluminium Mirror Reflectors Very smooth surface like real mirror, but high strength. Excellent weatherproof and sound resistance. Superior impact resistance, Lightweight and easy to maintain. Surface treatment: polished,anodized,mill finishing, be free from Oil Stain, Dent, Inclusion, Scratches, Stain, Oxide Dicoloration, Breaks, Corrosion, Roll Marks,

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Aluminum mirror Sheet is manufactured by using distortion-free float glass or sheet glass. Thriking mirrors add a felling of depth to any room with aluminum sheet mirror or aluminum float mirror. High quality clear float or sheet glass and modern mirror equipment combine to produce competitively priced mirrors of exceptionally high quality. Aluminum mirrors can be supplied in standard sizes or can be cut and beveled to suit customer’s needs.