What should we pay attention to when packing aluminum circle

Aluminum circle need to be packaged after processing to prevent surface oxidation, pinning and deformation. What problems should we pay attention to in the process of packaging?
Aluminum Circle or aluminum circle Process Packin
First, when packing, we usually choose the trellis packing. The packing should meet the needs of storage and transportation. The derrick is made of wood and consists of two wooden squares. For the height of the lower wooden squares, the upper wooden squares should be made into circular arcs corresponding to the roll diameter, and the upper and lower wooden squares should be fixed with screw respectively. The length of the screw should be lower than the arc surface of the upper wooden squares to prevent aluminium from stabbing. A round piece. Second, product inspection qualified, stamped and printed.
Second, the Aluminum circle needs to be wrapped with a layer of robust neutral or weak acidic information (generally high-release), then put into the packing list, the lap using adhesive tape to stick. Soft cushion is applied to the end surface to protect the end of the Aluminum circle sheet and prevent scratches.
Third,add desiccant. Use the whole plastic cloth to wrap all the rolls. The plastic cloth on the outer layer of the lap should be glued down with tape, and the remaining ends of the plastic cloth should be stuffed into the core. Rain-proof cardboard of suitable size is used to wrap all the Aluminum circle along the circumferential direction and close both ends respectively. The ends and the circumferential joints and all the cracks should be adhered with tape.
Fourth, put the finished Aluminum circle on the derrick and fix it along the circumferential direction with steel strip, which should be tied firmly. A box is affixed to the end of the wrapped aluminum foil roll. In addition to the load-bearing and packing cost of boxes and derricks, the delivery method and the user’s transportation, loading and unloading methods and matters needing attention should also be written down.