What’s the price of an aluminum strip from China?

Aluminum strips are available in different price ranges, it depends on the channel through which you’re buying. A cheaper alternative to traditional buying is a B2B platform. Even at the B2B platforms price will vary on different options.

Aluminium strip for venetian blinds

Generally speaking, aluminium strip price in China ranges from 2500 to 3500 dollars per ton. In China people use the unit kilogram more frequently. Instant prices can be affected by changeable ratios between the dollar and RMB. Why is there so big a price gap? First, large professional suppliers give higher offers because they take costs for quality guarantee and integrated after-sales service into account. They usually boast advanced production lines, superior raw materials, skillful workers and comprehensive service systems. In a word, they give you a feeling that you are spared from as much trouble as possible. Second, some small factories try to reduce cost in order to attract customers with low aluminium strip prices. The methods they use are just opposite to those applied by large suppliers. They may use inferior raw materials, second hand machines and employees with only days of training. Some small suppliers, however, are able to provide quality aluminum strip at a lower price, for they just want to get clients first. They are willing to give up higher profits for the privilege of luring more clients. But if you want to buy aluminium stirp from them, it really takes energy, time and skill, however, to find out them among numerous suppliers.