Why choose aluminum alloy wheels?

Steel hub has a heavy weight and a single shape, and does not meet today’s low carbon and fashion concept. Now, almost all of the new models are used aluminum alloy wheels, there are a lot of car owners have been used on the original steel wheels for the aluminum alloy wheel hub. Aluminum alloy wheels with steel wheels can not be compared with the advantages of beating more and more owners favored. So what are the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels?

aluminum alloy wheels

1, fuel-efficient
The average aluminum alloy wheel hub is lighter than the same size of the steel hub 2kg, a car uses five hub that will save the amazing 10kg weight. According to the Japanese experiment, the weight of 5 cars per 1kg reduction, about a year or save 20L gasoline. The American Institute of Automotive Engineers published research report pointed out that although the aluminum alloy wheel hub than ordinary steel expensive, but each car ran to 20 thousand km, the cost of fuel savings will be sufficient to offset the cost.
2, increase engine life
According to the engine load and power curve, when the load increases to a certain extent, the power is reduced. This margin will indicate that at this time every 1 unit load, the engine will be more difficult (especially fuel consumption), the engine load is reduced, naturally reduce the fault, extend the life.

3, good heat dissipation
The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is 3 times that of steel. The utility model has the advantages of good heat dissipation effect, long distance and high speed, and can keep the tyre at the proper temperature, and the brake drum and the tire are not easy to be aged, and the service life is increased, and the chance of the tyre burst is reduced.
4, good roundness
The accuracy is as high as 0.05mm, and the running balance performance is good, which is helpful to eliminate the phenomenon that the body is long and the steering wheel is wobbling.
5, sturdy and durable
The impact strength, tensile strength and heat resistance of aluminum alloy wheels are higher than those of steel wheels. This is also one of the important reasons for the aluminum alloy to play an important role in the national defense industry and the aviation industry.
6, beautiful
Aluminum alloy wheels have a wide range of design, coupled with good gloss and color, so as to improve the value of the car and beauty.