Why Choose Marine Aluminium Sheet for Yacht-shipbuilding

Yachts are high-end durable consumer goods for water entertainment. It integrates navigation, sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions to meet the needs of individuals and families to enjoy life. Marine aluminum sheet is one of the main materials for yacht-shipbuilding. It has the following advantages:

Durable: Aluminum will not rust, corrode or rot, and can withstand temperatures of minus 200°C, which means that your aluminum alloy yacht can withstand harsh weather wherever it goes.

Light weight and strong anti-shock ability: The yachts made of aluminum alloy have faster speeds and consume less fuel due to light weight. At the same time, aluminum has excellent strength and anti-shock ability, making aluminum boats more resistant to foreign objects than other materials.

Safety: Safety at sea is the primary consideration for every shipowner. Aluminum will not burn or catch fire in the atmosphere. Given the advantages and functionality provided by aluminum, many navies and coast guards use aluminum boats.

Long service life: If the suitable aluminum alloy and welding wire are used and the ships are of standard construction and regular maintenance, an aluminum yacht can last for decades.

High comfort: Aluminum yachts are much stronger than wooden or fiberglass yachts. Because of this, aluminum yachts can make you feel a quieter sailing experience.

Marine grade Aluminum  plate Packaging

Haomei aluminium  -We are professional provider for marine grade aluminum plate. Our aluminum plate is resistant to attack by both sea water and harsh industrial chemical environments. We hold certification from DNV , BV, ABS, LR and CCS Register of Shipping for our aluminum sheet.

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