Why is the coated aluminium strip used for channel letters?

Aluminum strip for channel letter has become a regular type of product in the industry. Aluminum strip products are used for channel letters because of their soft texture, good corrosion resistance, excellent processing ability and light weight.

The aluminium element is the softest of all common metals, which can be demonstrated by the hardness form as below.

Fe 50 Sb 45 Pt 40 Cu 40 Mg 36 Zn 35 Ag 25 Al 25 Au 20

Aluminium strip for Semi-rigid aluminium flexible duct (PEX-AL-PEX)
In the three most frequently adopted industrial metals, aluminium has the lowest hardness (25), while the hardness of iron and copper is respectively 50 and 40. Pure aluminium strips have an excellent elongation. Most [b]aluminum strip[/b] for channel letter products are made of pure aluminium or 3000 series of aluminium (3003, 3004, 3005 etc.). The hardness of these alloys are not strong among aluminium alloys. This makes its good processing ability. It’s easy to bend, cut or drill an aluminium belt at will to adapt to the shape of characters and letters.
An [b]aluminum strip for channel letter[/b][b] [/b]is usually coated, since it’s used outdoors as an advertising tool. The lamps in the letters are turned on at night while during the day people only see empty letter shells made of aluminium. Attractive colors help to improve appearance of the letters. In addition, the strip has an excellent corrosion resistance. Experiments show that color coated aluminium strips last as long as 30 years in outdoors, even being exposed to strong winds and sunshine.
Light weight is another natural advantage of [b]aluminum strip[/b]s for channel letters. The density of aluminium is only around one third of copper and iron. Owing to the fact that channel letters are usually fixed onto walls or boards withstanding strong winds, it’s crucial for the letter material to be as light as possible. The lightest aluminium become the best choice.