The General Categories of Aluminum Sheets/Plates

The General Categories of Aluminum Sheets/Plates
The General Categories of Aluminum Sheets/Plates

1xxx Series Aluminum Sheets/Plates

The 1xxx series aluminum sheets/plates are also called the pure aluminum sheets/plates.

1050/1060/1070/1100 is common seen in this category. Among all the categories, the 1xxx series aluminum sheets/plates contain the highest aluminum content. The purity is usually above 99.00%.

But its production process is relatively simple, no other special treatments or special production procedures are needed. So this category is usually cheaper than others. And the 1xxx series aluminum sheets/plates are the most commonly used aluminum sheets/plate materials in the current standard industrial area. 1050 and 1060 series are widely spread in the market.

The purity classification of the 1xxx aluminum sheets/plates is easy. The last two numbers of its alloy numbers suggest its aluminum content. For example 1050 shows that its aluminum content level is 99.5%. So as to 1060, its aluminum purity is 99.6%.

2xxx Series Aluminum Sheets/Plates

The 2xxx series aluminum sheets/plates usually be known as 2A16 (LY16)/2A06 (LY6). The characteristic of this series is its high hardness, which was due to its high Copper content, usually around 3-5%. The 2xxx series aluminum sheets/plates, belong to the aviation aluminum, is not widely applied in the common industrial area. There are few factories can provide the 2xxx aluminum sheets/plates in China. And the quality is still far behind the other factories in the world.

And nowadays the 2xxx series aluminum sheets/plates are mainly offered by the factories in Germany and Korea.

3xxx Series Aluminum Sheets/Plates

The 3xxxx series aluminum sheets/plates are mainly formed by 3003/3105/3A21. It is also called the anti-rust aluminum sheets/plates. Except for the aluminum, the Manganese element has a relatively large amount existence beside other trace elements (1.0%-1.5%). For its good anti-rust performance the 3xxx aluminum sheets/plates are usually applied in the air conditioner, refrigerator, and other high humidity environments.

4xxx Series Aluminum Sheets/Plates

The 4xxx series aluminum sheets/plates (4A01/etc) is high silicon contained material. Its silicon content usually between 4.5%-6.0%, which is widely, applied in the construction areas. It can provide a good heat-resisting and wear-resisting performance.

5xxx Series Aluminum Sheets/Plates

5052/5005/5083/5A05 is belonging to the 5xxx series aluminum sheets/plates. 5xxx is widely used in all area. Its main trace element is magnesium (3%-5%), so it is also called the Al-Mg alloy.

Its main characteristic is low density, high tensile strength, and long elongation. And in the same surface area, 5xxx is lighted than other series. So 5xxx series also widely applied in the airplane making area, especially the oil tank.

6xxx Series Aluminum Sheets/Plates

6xxx series has high Mg and Si content. So the 6xxx series contains the advantages of the 4xxx and 5xxx. It is widely applied in the environments that need to anti-rust, or situations that need high oxidizability.

The characteristics of 6061 are suitable for coating, high tensile strength, and high anti-rust performance.

And the 6061 aluminum are typically used in the, airplane-building area, Camera components, Coupler, the ship components and other areas.

7xxx Series Aluminum Sheets/Plates

The 7xxx series aluminum (7075) mainly contains the Zinc content. This series also belong to the aviation aluminum. It’s an AL-Mg-Zn-Cu Aluminum alloy. And this series are mainly provided by foreign country factories.

8xxx Series Aluminum

The 8xxx series aluminum is commonly used for the bottle-cap-making area. Radiator is also mainly uses this Series. But this series are mainly used as Foil.

9xxx Series Aluminum

The 9xxx series aluminum is currently a reserve for the future new aluminum category. We are waiting for the new aluminum series.